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July 9, 2009 †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††747-5441






On July 20th the State of Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles will be implementing a new driverís license issuance system.This new system will provide substantially improved security features to reduce fraud and comply with the Federal National ID Act.Of particular significance to the customer, new requirements are required to get a license, ID, or permit or to change an address.Citizens will be required to present two documents with their Nebraska principal address listed.One of these documents can be the renewal notice mailed by the DMV.Other documents include a less than 90 day old utility bill, credit card bill, financial institution statement or pay or earnings statement.Also allowed are vehicle registrations, voter registrations, insurance policies or mortgage/lease/rental agreements. People who have recently moved will want to ensure that they bring documents reflecting their new address. A Complete list of documents and requirements may be viewed at Links to the state web site, will allow customers to view various examples of the new driverí license.

Also, the new state procedures include providing licenses using a central issuance system.Customers will no long receive their license when they visit the DMV. It will be produced in a highly secure central facility and it will be mailed within 5-7 business days to your address or PO Box.Therefore it is extremely important that customers provide a valid address. Instead of a license, customers will receive a 30-day temporary document to use until the permanent license is received.Law enforcement agencies, restaurants, and bars are being notified of these changes.Furthermore these temporary documents should be acceptable when boarding an airplane according to a spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration. Questions about Nebraskaís new process may be directed to the DMV at 402-471-3861 or by visiting their web site at Polk County will

not be able to issue any type of drivers license from July 17, 2009 thru July 27, 2009.See DMV for available driver license stations during that period.